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Defiance Gaming

We are a social Call of Duty/GTA 5 clan who focus on teamwork, and having fun. Join us today!(Currently level 9 on Ghosts)

Rank Site In Out
1 Rebel Outcasts
1530 5745

We're a PS4 Call of Duty Clan. We are a mature clan that consists of members 21 years of age and older. We play the objective and have fun. We cater to all play levels.
2 Spectral Gaming
2378 3604

16 years and Older
Call of Duty gaming clan for players on Xbox 360 & Playstation 4
Join today!!
3 MMORPG warofhell game
2216 2730

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

19 2137

APEX was founded on July 7 2012 on Red Dead redemption. we play many games and we are constantly expanding to new games.
5 Defiance Gaming
80 1712

We are a social Call of Duty/GTA 5 clan who focus on teamwork, and having fun. Join us today!(Currently level 9 on Ghosts)
6 Red Shoe Rebels
912 1610

RsR is an all girl gaming clan which plays a wide variety of shooters on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One! For information on how to join, just visit our site!
7 siCK No Cure
113 1086

We are a PS3 - 4 and PC gaming clan . Our games include COD Ghosts , and BF4 . We are a semi competitive clan and like to run Inter Clan events and Clan Battles with other clans . There is a military
8 Alliance Gaming
0 1046

We are a casual/competitive clan. We are on ps3 only, for now. Boys and girls can join. Visit us, make friends, and game.
9 Di5clan
12 839

We are a new clan amd we a great clan like faze,optic, and etc. we play mostly any game but only on ps3 and ps4.

We mostly Focus on call of duty game series. If you want to join Di5 Please Check us
10 Dirty Gaming
65 749

11 T4L Gaming
27 670

We are a Xbox 360 & Xbox One Recreational Gaming Community! Ages 15+ or Mature
Click The Banner Register & Apply! Guys & Gals Welcome!
We play more than just COD!
12 Section18
97 641

S18 is a sponsored clan on the psn & is comprised of a heavily diverse group of players based in the UK, highly active clan with large participation.
13 Over 30 clan
20 588
About the Over 30 [x30x] Clan
We are currently a Call of Duty Black Ops II and Cod ghost based clan of mature gamers around 30 years old or older. We also have members that play Battlefield 4 and ot
14 4 Good Company
14 548
Currently recruiting 21+ for the PS3 and PS4

15 FiSH Slap Gaming
55 511

EU/UK based adult FiSH Slap Gaming Community with an annex 21+ FiSH Clan is recruiting for Call of Duty Ghost PS3+PS4 clan.
We are looking for Ladies and Gentlemen. We don't care about your k/d ratio
16 United & Victorious
60 436

All 20+ yr old players. Play clean and respectfully. No drama, no BULLSHIT !!! Come join the best clan on the WiiU
17 Team Xtinguish
56 392
Welcome to Team Xtinguish Call Of Duty Ghosts XBOX One & XBOX 360 clan. We are a competitive DIAMOND DIVISION clan always looking for new active members. We would like to keep this a mature and team o
18 Bacon Chilli and Cheese - BCC
29 349

BCC (a.k.a. Bacon Chilli and Cheese) is a WiiU gaming organisation for adults 30+ who just want to game in fun without any KDR tryouts etc. If you are a mature adult who wants to hang with other like
2 319

20 Grown folks mafia
11 205
we are an older group of gamers we game hard but if we lose it ant cause we gave up
1 194

COD GHOST CLAN , We are looking for new members KD not an issue , you play , have a mic , are mature ? hit us up. My PS3/PSN username is X-Astr8Menace-X , Get at us !
22 HaZe Clan
23 183

Were an amazing Call Of Duty clan of snipers on the Xbox 360. We are currently recruiting skilled snipers!
23 Deo Optimo Maximo
0 165
Deo Optimo Maximo (DOM) is a CoD: Ghosts clan for ALL gaming platforms! We're family friendly and cater to all ages & skill levels, and we also have EU divisions as well! Join now:
24 Team Freelancer
3 142

A clan that aims to be the best in CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and many more games to come. We also run a competitive team which needs members. We want players who can help us win everythin
1 134
Glory was founded in 2014 with a goal to sign, manage and promote our competitive gaming teams, gaming personalities and gaming events. Noticing a gap in quality management, business development and promotion in the online gaming space we feel we have wha

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