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Parallax Gaming

Parallax Gaming is a long-running top 10 AW Diamond Division clan operating on Xbox One.

Rank Site In Out
2 317

SÕNS ÕF CHÃÕS ÐRÎFT MÊCHÃNÎSM is a group that has been around sense 2000. Always in the forefront of gaming we has stood the test of time.
27 Grown folks mafia
11 205
we are an older group of gamers we game hard but if we lose it ant cause we gave up
28 Titanium Squad
0 196

Titanium Squad is an all female clan that specializes in the Call of Duty Franchise. Platform:Xbox360 / Always recruiting (Must be 18+)
1 191

COD GHOST CLAN , We are looking for new members KD not an issue , you play , have a mic , are mature ? hit us up. My PS3/PSN username is X-Astr8Menace-X , Get at us !
30 HaZe Clan
23 181

Were an amazing Call Of Duty clan of snipers on the Xbox 360. We are currently recruiting skilled snipers!
31 Parallax Gaming
27 178

Parallax Gaming is a long-running top 10 AW Diamond Division clan operating on Xbox One.
32 |X| CLAN
0 166

Welcome to |X|CLAN page...Have a nice day...
33 Deo Optimo Maximo
0 164
Deo Optimo Maximo (DOM) is a CoD: Ghosts clan for ALL gaming platforms! We're family friendly and cater to all ages & skill levels, and we also have EU divisions as well! Join now: dom-clan.org
34 TSC gamers
1 163

great friend enjoying great games and smashing people looking to add to the family...
35 Gwam Clan
0 149
All Gaming All The Time
36 Kiss.of.Death.
0 145
We are Kiss.of.Death. Check us out we dont worry about kd we just play for fun
37 Team Freelancer
3 140

A clan that aims to be the best in CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and many more games to come. We also run a competitive team which needs members. We want players who can help us win everythin
38 ForGlory.com
1 133
Glory was founded in 2014 with a goal to sign, manage and promote our competitive gaming teams, gaming personalities and gaming events. Noticing a gap in quality management, business development and promotion in the online gaming space we feel we have wha
39 SNPR~ Gaming
1 126
We\\\\\\\' are a gaming community wanting to grow in size but as a family of both competitive and non competitive gamers. We are on past generation and new generation consoles as well as PC. We record for YouTube, Twitch and is sponsored by Elgat
40 Third Eye Clan
1 123

Since 2009!
41 www.clansforxbox.com
1 118
+12 years old and higher ghosts team
42 R.U.I.N Division
1 113

We are a team we are a brotherhood.
we are a big clan that has multiple branches in multiple games and we are looking for the best people to fill those rosters.
43 3rd World Tactics
4 112

over 21 years old, play alot of different games and consoles
44 Crazie Gaming
0 101
Were the best
45 Rage The Killa
0 101

Rage The Killa made for Family and Friends who are "elite killers" and "elite ragers" and also "the one" WELL JOIN! AND HAVE FUN WITH US! PS3 and xBOX who cares!
46 DeadliestGhostRecon aka DGR Gaming Nation
0 98
DeadliestGhostRecon also known as DGR Gaming Nation was founded in late August 4,2013 on CoD:Elite Were all the Original Creator/Founders & Founders & Co-Founders made DeadliestGhostRecon,We are a Sni
47 StaTiiC ShOcKz
1 98

we are a new clan just started a few days ago we play all types of games we are a xbox 360 clan for now but will be going to ps4. you can email me or you can go to the website and apply to join
48 aK Clan Elite
0 94
Our clan aK elite is based for good and active players, who are also mature and can play with a mic.
49 EliteGhostKingZ (EGKZ)
0 93

50 compLexity* gaming
1 92
I know I don't have the greatest name ever but I just want everyone to get passed that and play some CoD ghosts on ps3 with my compLexity* clan. We are a 14+ mature gaming clan. We are level 14 in gold division but we are pretty good. Please apply I accep

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